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Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School for the boys

As my title suggests,
the two boys had their first day of school today.

It was a FABULOUS morning.

For the first time that either Rob or I could remember
(hence, maybe the first time EVER!)
Rob was home in the morning before the kids started school for their first day.

He made each child an omelet (bacon or sausage, with cheese)
and then our whole family walked first Chris, and later Trey, to the bus stop.
We waited with them, waved goodbye to them as the bus pulled away..
and it was PERFECT.

Rob commuting to the city isn't ideal
for those three days.
He will miss a lot three days out of the week.
But gaining these moments in return,
in my opinion,
will make it worth it,

PLUS! For the first time that either of us could remember as well,
we met and had lunch together during his workday.
Another special treat.

Both boys exited the bus with smiles
and each had a good day.

Chris got his locker opened FOUR times, each one on his first try,
which is a very big deal to a sixth grader facing down a combination lock
for the first time.

Kate leaves tomorrow with her high school for a four day retreat
and will begin her first official day of high school on Tuesday, after Labor Day.

So tell me..
How was YOUR child's first day of school?


jen@odbt said...

We start after Labor Day. Love the pic of your family walking together...very nice. Glad to hear that their first days went well.

Cindi said...

Our oldest began his last semester of college this past Monday. It was pretty much of a non-event for him. He just wants to get out into the "real world" and start a "real" job with a "real" paycheck.

Our youngest son began his first year of college a week and a half ago. He was thrilled. Mom is still in denial that her baby is in COLLEGE.

Natalie said...

I love reading about the lock combination--I remember being stressed about that, too!

First day here was great. Everyone was EXHAUSTED last night and in bed at 7:30pm. I love school.