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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Like Seeds on the Wind

So here it is,
a Saturday night,
and for the first time that I can remember
my kids are off on their own, near and far.

Kate is going with a friend to a local production
of Thoroughly Modern Millie.
Chris has gone swimming and to spend the night
at a friend's house.
Trey is about to leave to go to a birthday party
and sleep over at another friend's house.

Is this what it will be like as our kids get older?
Each one off on a different path while we are left behind?

Mind you, we are not pining; quite the opposite, in fact!
We have plans to go out to dinner, just the two of us.

But even so, it is very strange.

And I will be worrying about Trey,
off on his first sleep-over that isn't family or with his brother.

Plus, I worry about him because he is just so different from my other kids.

For example, Chris (age 10.5) was packing up to go to his sleepover
and in running through the list of what to take, I said,
"Did you take Otto?" (his stuffed animal)

"Oh NO!" he cried, and ran up to get him.
"Thanks, Mom," he said in a relieved voice, "Otto would have really missed me
if I had left him behind!"

Trey, on the other hand, was in flat refusal to take HIS special stuffed animal.

After much convincing, he agreed to take it
ONLY if it was at the bottom of the bag,
hidden under all his clothes,
and if his underwear (boxers only, please) was at the bottom of the bag too,
hidden UNDER the clothes and the towel.

That's the thing..
I am confounded by this seven year old who is so concerned about what other people will think of him,
who is so concerned about being "cool" at such a young age.
My other kids aren't like that and I like it that they aren't.
I don't tend to really like "cool kids."

When Trey started Kindergarten, he came home
and started telling me who was popular and who was not.

Again, nothing my other kids ever talked about.

So, I worry that he will go off to this sleepover,
be afraid or uncomfortable and be unwilling to call me
because he doesn't want to appear "uncool."

I have talked with him about it
and I also covertly called the mom and told her as well.

We'll see how he does, my seven year old
lastborn son.
My baby.
Even if he doesn't think he is.


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful night....Hard to believe that they are all old enough to be spending the night away from home. But that's what growing up is all about for them and for us too. Trey will be fine and hopefully have a fun time so quit worrying and enjoy a "kidlet" free night! I know, I know, Moms always worry. I even still worry so I can't say a word..But it will get better with time, honestly!

Natalie said...

When Declan had his first sleepover (at nearly age 8!), I pretty much didn't sleep the whole night! I still want him to call and say goodnight. Sometimes he does. . .sometimes he doesn't :)

Steph said...

I think all Mothers understand this feeling to some degree. I was so excited for Marissa to get to go to Africa but then found things to worry about once she had gone - I just had to Let Go and Let God take care of her. In less than two months we will be dropping off Tara at college (more than 800 miles away). Life will always offer us moments of release and I believe it is in those moments that we gift our children with a growing sense of self and expansion!

jody said...

Oh, this is so sweet.

Is it not hard when they feel too old for their lovies in public? My oldest STILL has his special pillow that my grandmother gave him. He doesn't take it anywhere these days, but he still has it, tucked away on his bed.

Sounds like your baby is very independent. I have one of those, and it sure is tough on the moms....especially when we know so very well what they need.