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Friday, June 19, 2009

First Day/ Last Day

Today was a rough day
for two of my kidlets.

Kate was ending her middle school years
and Chris was ending his elementary school years.

Both kids were awash in tears
as they got off of their respective buses.
This mama's heart hurt for them.
I know this is one of so many transitions
they will face in their lives,
just one time when they will say goodbye
as they bravely step into a new future.
I know that the friendships that matter
will last with a little time and care
and that new friendships will be developed.

But for today, I just hugged and loved on them.

Let's see how they've grown and changed!

First day:

Last day:

First Day:

Last Day:

First Day:
Last Day:

First day of the boys (Trey sneakily on tip toes)

Last day- boys. (no sneaky tip toes!)


jen@odbt said...

Great pics. I did the same thing. Isn't it crazy how much they grow? Have a great weekend. Let's hear it for summer!

Sherri said...

So cool to do the first and last day. I will do that for mine also :) Love your blog!

Natalie said...

I should have taken pictures the last day. It's amazing how much they change!

Pamela Fierro said...

Is Trey wearing the same shirt in both those pictures? Great pics - thanks for sharing!

Ginaagain said...

Oh the tears at the end of Jr. High! Some of Taylor's friends were just sobbing.. the fact that they will all be going to the same high school next year doesn't seem to temper the grief either.

Here the only person crying was Momma but I've done it very quietly.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. Love the pictures at the beginning and at the end. They are adorable!
Love 'em, love 'em.
I'm sorry they are sad, but they will have new friends to add to the older friends next year.
And the whole Summer is waiting!
Have a ball!
Love you,

Cindi said...

Wow, they all look like they've grown up so MUCH this past school year! What a nice at the beginning and end of the year. Wish I would have thought of that!

I did take a picture of my youngest son's last day of high school, so maybe that sort of counts?