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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kate's Confirmation, Part 1

I always knew I wanted children.

When I was young,
I wanted 100 of them.
I knew I wanted to be a teacher 
and I knew I wanted to be a mommy.

Even though these were childhood dreams,
I still had them through high school 
and college.

Fortunately for me,
I was able to fulfill them both.

In 1995, when I was midway through my 20's,
I bore my first born.
A squalling, lovely, perfect daughter..
my Kate.

A pistol to be sure,
she is also a confident, determined,
intelligent and strong young lady.

A little over a week ago,
she completed a nine month process
to undergo Confirmation into the Methodist church.

She looked beautiful, inside and out.

Thanks be to God, 
for this blessing He has given me!


jen@odbt said...

She is a blessing and what a testament to you and your husband. She's growing up to be such a beautiful, smart, strong woman.

Natalie said...

What a lovely young lady!