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Monday, June 15, 2009

Easing into Summer

Even though there is a week of school left
in our house,
summer is the mood.

A pleasant apathy reigns.

Not laziness but just the deep stretch
from the constraints of what MUST be done,
where we MUST go etc.

This apathy was somewhat rudely interrupted
by THREE baseball games over the last four days.
Hard to complain, though, since the games are playoff games
and the boys keep winning!
Up to three more games this week
and then school and baseball will be done until the Fall.

Two "commencements" are on tap this week:
one a Fifth grade Moving Up ceremony to Middle school
and one an 8th grade "Graduation."
Be looking for photos from those later on in the week.

I've been lazy about menu planning the last couple of weeks.
I am sick of food, cooking and eating the last couple of weeks.
Too bad this doesn't stop me from actually shoveling food
into my mouth!

So far I have loosely planned:

Chicken and broccoli casserole
Pasta carbonara
Beef vegetable soup
Something on the grill based on sales.

Since we will be gone up to three nights this week
but I don't know which yet (at least Tuesday and Thursday, I think)
that is about as good as it will get!


jen@odbt said...

We're on our last week too but summeritis has set in. I, too, am tired of planning, cooking etc. Can't we just eat popsicles for dinner? Enjoy the ceremonies.

Cindi said...

My younger son graduated from high school on May 30. My last day was June 2. My older son took a class during summer session 1 and it ended June 12, so we're all off now.

I remember the summers that we had so many things planned I never knew if we were coming or going. Then the kids told me they never had a chance to just play. One summer they chose to do NOTHING, and I think it was one of the best summers we ever had!

Splaneyo said...

We had the same intentions, but somehow swimming lessons only turned into marshal art lessons and ballet. Not sure how that happened to my take it easy summer...oh, well. By the way, Owen is taking Capoeira and it is "his thing". Our two are so similar it is scary. Could you tell me what to expect next? =)