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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I could just DYE!

Where to start, where to start?

I would apologize for my
(once again)
long absence, 
but that is usually followed by a string of excuses
and reasons for said absence
and the truth is that I don't have a compelling one.

So, I'll just say that I'm back
and glad to be here! ;-)

(and I won't mention the little 
kick in the ass email from my dad
wondering where I've been!)

I have lots of things to update about 
and photos to share.
I'm going to be utterly selfish 
and start out by catching up about myself!

As most everyone who reads this knows,
I am turning 40 in about a week.
By and large, this hasn't bothered me too much.
After all, a couple of weeks after that,
my firstborn turns 14 and will soon be starting high school.
My second born will be starting middle school!
So, I feel like 40 is a perfectly reasonable age
given those events.

But, the way turning 40 *is* affecting me
is that I have been slowly but surely putting myself
back on the radar.
Even though I have always been very good about 
getting my kids to regular well check-ups,
dentist appointments and activities that feed 
their bodies and minds,
I have completely neglected this for myself.
No one made me do that but me.

However, the time has come for me to start 
stepping up to the proverbial plate.

I made a list of goals (of sorts)
that need to happen this year.
So far I can tick off going to the dentist,
going to another dr (still need to do bloodwork)
and EEEEK soon a mammogram!
I have started regular exercise classes
and (drum roll for those of you not on Facebook)
I finally got my hair colored!

This was without a doubt quite overdue
but I really wanted to wait until I was 40 
before I started.
Don't ask me why but there you have it.

So, here's a before

and a few afters!

More posts coming soon
showing Spring in our yard,
Chris at baseball 
and our new pet.


Bonnie said...

Love the color Leeann !! It's suits you nicely !!

I just turned 36 ... so not far behind you. I'll have to start thinking about some of these things too !!

PS ... Don't you just love taking photos of yourself !?

Natalie said...

Love it!!!

nicrogers said...

Yay! You look much younger! :)

Jen said...

Exciting stuff coming up. Your hair looks great! And yes, get yourself to the doctor. Have you had a mammo before? Might I suggest a cocktail before going.

Ginaagain said...

Great color Leeann! It's nice to see you back to writing.

Lanny said...

Your hair (and you!) looks great!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The Big 4-0 is coming up for me in a few months and I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!!! (gasp! pant!) I still haven't decided whether I want to A) throw a huge party B) go somewhere on an "escape" vacation or C) crawl into a hole and pull it in after me. :D

Sarah R in Austin

Splaneyo said...

You look great!