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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Types of Dinners and Menu Plan Monday

We have a family dinner pretty much every night of the week.
However, sometimes someone is gone.
Rob may be working late 
or he and Chris may be at a baseball game.

We do all different kinds of dinners.
Sometimes we do "movie dinners," 
when we rent a movie and watch it with dinner.
Sometimes, when Rob is working late, we do TV dinners:
the kids spread a blanket and watch a TV show.
Sometimes, we do "reading dinners,"
especially when we have just been to the library.

Then there are the silly dinners,
when we play word games
and get crazy and silly and BAD!

When all five of us are home, 
we almost always have a traditional dinner-
talking about our day and the highlights and lowlights
of school and such.

What kind of dinners do you have?

For this week, here is our plan. 
I spent $39.00 on food this week,
with milk and one chicken left to buy.

Sunday: meat loaf, garlic new potatoes, fruit
Monday: barbecue ribs, corn, broccoli
Tuesday: Roast Sticky chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables
Wednesday: Artichoke pasta
Thursday: pork fried rice with veggies, applesauce
Friday: grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup
Saturday: scrambled eggs with cheese and blueberry muffins


Bonnie said...

$39 for a week !!! That is amazing !! I'm just sitting down now to do my menu plan for this week ....

Ginaagain said...

omg, I spent $39 on dinner for tonight. I'm in awe of you.

Natalie said...

I go in fits and starts for food budgets. I might go to Costco and spend half my food budget for the month, and then just pick up things I don't need in bulk over teh course of the month. But I'm humbled by your $39 week!

CarolinaMomOf5 said...

WOW! $39 for the week is incredible!! I spend that much on one day's worth of groceries! You get the crown, Leeann!

Cindi said...

You must be REALLY ORGANIZED to accomplish $39 a week for meals! I'm jealous!

We try to eat dinner together almost every night too. Usually it works out, but not always. Every week I tell myself that I need to get my act together, and then by the weekend, that whole idea falls apart. I did some self discipline!

jen@odbt said...

$39? Wow, I'm impressed.

We have traditional dinners for now but soccer season is starting so not sure if we'll all be at the table for one weekday. When my husband is not home we usually have brinner (breakfast for dinner) - the kids love it!