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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Busy Weekend Behind Us!

This weekend has come and gone in a blur of fun.
Friday night, I went to Trey's school for International Day.
It was a blast and Trey was so happy to see his mommy there.
First grade is such a great age for that.
He and his classmates have been learning about different countries and cultures
and were looking forward to their big day
and trying food from lots of different countries.

Friday night I hosted a goodbye party for a friend who is moving to Arizona.
A bunch of my mom friends got together 
to eat and talk and send her off in style. 
It was great fun!

Saturday, Kate had her basketball game.
They lost for the first time this season but they played hard and well.
Saturday night, I joined my friend Melissa to go see her son in a school play.
The play was imaginative and fantastic. It was completely done by the eighth grade class
of his school. 

Today we prepared for and hosted a Super Bowl party. 
Again, a good time was had by all and the game was VERY exciting!!
Kate seems to be feeling badly though and went up to bed early.
Rob and I are both fighting colds 
and there is a good chance for a snow day for the kids Tuesday.

Boring blog post, I know, but at least you are all up to speed!


Jen said...

What a busy weekend. I wish my 2nd grader would be excited to see me at school. He usually gives me that "what are YOU doing here?" look...he's been like that from day 1.

Ginaagain said...

Wow, that was a busy weekend! It sounds like you had fun though. I hope your colds get better quickly.

Cindi said...

You sure had a busy weekend! It sounds as though everyone had a great time. I love the picture with the snow and sunset...just beautiful!

Natalie said...

Get yourself some Emergen-C, girl! We can't have you getting sick!