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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Haiku and Snow Day Survival

Oh yes, there is a feeling in the air.

Mothers all over this county tonight
are anxiously watching the skies..
and watching their children carefully 
to prevent any covert snow dances, backward pajamas
or spoons under the pillow.

This morning, as I realized at 5:05 AM 
that the snowplow was once again circling the court
WAAAAY too many times for school to be in session,
I came up with my latest snow day haiku.

It is:

Children, tread lightly..
Mothers across this county
are losing their minds.

With that, 
I bring you an illustrated version of a Mid Atlantic snow day
(this was actually yesterday's snow day, but play along.)
The kids are at the island in the kitchen.

They are reading

drinking hot chocolate

and twisting their tongues in a genetically superior way.

Kate is deep into Stardolls, her favorite site to play on.

The view from the kitchen brings the longing for summer
when the pool house is covered in bright colors

and the pool is full and inviting- not snow covered.

The kids get sent out to shovel the driveway.

This is my reward for bearing three children
and allowing them to survive in my home until I could make them work.

Meanwhile, I get a chicken in the crockpot
and make a pie.

Gracie prays for me to drop food on the floor.

She may not be the brightest but she's not stupid.

The kids come in,
tired and cold from shoveling several driveways.

After being allowed to veg in front of the TV and computer for a while
I mandate that no more electronics are allowed.

When the "What Can We Do" whine starts up,
they are directed to "THE LIST."

Later, we have a yummy hot dinner,
followed by pie and the latest
American Idol episode.

Life is good.


Jen said...

I hope Gracie got something. She looks so sad.

Love THE LIST. I'm going to come up with my own. Thanks for this idea. My kids will be so excited (not!).

PS: You should enter that picture of Gracie from Saturday at next week's I heart Faces contest. It's about pets.

nicrogers said...

I love your list! I need to copy that idea. But origami? Do they really do origami? lol

Anonymous said...

When I get the "I'm bored!" comment, that's my cue to suggest cleaning. My daughter is too smart to go there anymore!

You have my sympathies. Two weeks ago we were off on a Thursday and Friday because of "cold" (30 below zero wind chills) and we had a scheduled day off the following Monday. Now we get to go to school until June 12!

Ginaagain said...

I love your list. My kids don't complain that they are bored.. they just bicker with each other.

How much snow do you need to get for a snow day? My yard looked a lot like yours Monday morning and school was open.. of course it started raining later in the day and the snow didn't last but getting to school was a little slippery. The district sent out a notice this week saying that they were going to make every effort to avoid any more snow days this year. Our year has already been extended to June 22.

I hope that today is a good day! It's the end of the semester here so tomorrow the kids are out while the teachers tally grades. Oh joy.

Bonnie said...

Loved your description of the day ! I had to laugh when you said "this is my reward for bearing three children and allowing them to survive in my home until I could make them work !!" ha ha. Hilarious !! I must say ... I will very shortly be copying your idea for a THINGS YOU CAN DO list ! I love that !! It's a great idea. And you know ... every mother knows the "what can we do whine " !!! Drives me crazy. I usually make them do laundry ! This is a better idea ... or maybe just another alternative ... I like having the laundry done too !! ha ha.

Dawn said...

That was very entertaining, Leeann! "The List" is a GREAT idea!

Stimey said...

A things you can do list.


You are brilliant.

Natalie said...

I love snow days, but maybe not that many!

The list rocks.