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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tonight Trey is having a sleepover with his cousin Charlie.

This is the sleepover that was canceled before Christmas,
leading to very sad children.

Trey reported via the phone that he and his cousin
are having an excellent time
and my sweet SIL sent photos that make it appear that this is true.

I'll take a good look at her face tomorrow 
to know for sure!


Jen said...

Hooray for cousins!

Anonymous said...

By the way -- Trey didn't put his arm around Charlie for that last picture on the blue chair. He just did it naturally as they were sitting there which prompted me to run and get the camera. so cute!

My kids were both asleep within 5 minutes of leaving your house this afternoon -- and didn't wake up when we got home - they were so sound asleep that I had to lug them both in!

xo, Cristina