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Sunday, January 18, 2009

And she scores!

Some children are born
and you just know that they are going to be athletes.

My son, Chris, was swinging a bat and connecting to a ball
on his first birthday.

With Kate, we didn't see signs of athleticism in her.
She had a "thing" with her legs in her early childhood,
in which her hips rotated inward, which caused her knees
and feet to rotate in toward each other.

Her pediatrician assured us that this would change around second grade or so
but we were definitely concerned.
Her Nana had had the same thing as a child and had worn special shoes.

Sure enough, her hips did rotate into proper position although if you look closely
there are probably still some mild lingering signs.
That combined with the sudden growth spurts of the early teen years
made us assume that she probably wouldn't be much of an athlete 
in her teen years, either.

But we have been pleasantly surprised to find that she is a very good defensive
player on her basketball team!

She is great at rebounding, great at zone and man to man defense 
and isn't afraid to be a little aggressive out there on the court.

Being that I was always more than a little chicken out there,
I am really proud and excited for her.

Go Kate!

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