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Friday, December 12, 2008

Declaration of Independence- Age 13

Kate had an assignment for school.
They were discussing something,
like emancipation or the Declaration of Independence
or something historical (lol)
and the kids had to write
a document declaring their independence from their families.

This is what Kate wrote:

As now I have entered the life and joys of adulthood
I must though it pains me
declare independence to better myself.
No further burdening you
I will be a burden or a joy unto myself.
As the river splits going down different paths
they carry each other,
still lifting the other up.
I can only cast my prayers to our God
that our bonds as child and parent
will not fail as some do.
May our God protect us through our new chapter in life
and the bitter goodbye that starts it.

Your standards have pulled me
beyond what others could hope to attain.
The values will forever remain instilled in me,
for they were pushed in to my mind and heart.
I have learned to give everything your all
no matter what the case may be.
On the other hand I have learned not to lose yourself
in the things you do as you grow.
May the standards and values follow and be my guide
as I travel on my quest of faith and life.

As has been made clear to you time and time again,
I work and play responsibly.
Have I not always done my work and gotten good grades?
Have I not earned an income from age thirteen?
As I do chores and balance school along with being a young girl,
I show my ability to handle all things thrown at me.
Has the chance of independence not been thrown towards me,
should I not reach and grab it?
Should I turn my back on all that I have learned 
from myself and from you?
No, I should grab it head on.

As I break the bonds of rules that have tied me down,
I break away from my sheltered life.
I now get the rules and privileges denied to the age of young.
I now receive the jury should I be in trouble,
a vote should I use it
and a life should I call it my own.
All the new doors are appearing
the rules locking them vanished now.
Now I am free to walk through the door I chose.
Fear not, though, the rules for life are still intact and guiding.

My resolution to the doors closing and leaving me
is the become an independent citizen of the fullest life.
May hope kindle in your heart and  mind,
may we live to the fullest yet know when to come home.
We will forever be the rivers lifting the others up
but to do so we must first be of our own free will.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.


Jen said...

That's impressive for a 13 year old. Wise beyond her years.

Melissa said...

Is this something that she means to happen now or at age 18? I wasn't sure if it was to be reflective of her current situation or a look into the future. It was at the same time both beyond her age, yet telling of a 13 yr. old. I quite enjoyed reading it.

Kate said...

It is for when i am 18

Cindi said...

Very profound declaration from a 13year old! I'm extremely impressed!

Splaneyo said...

Wow...hmmm...Kate you scare me a bit. In a good way. I bet you scare your mom a bit too. Great job!

Richard Lewis said...

An ode to teenage angst. What will she write it when she's 16? Really, though, some impressively deep thoughts. I'm very proud of that scribbler.

Kate said...

I am not a scribbler!!!!!!!!!!