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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Cousins Christmas

Finally, finally,
thank you God, 
the floors are laid (minus the moldings)
and the furniture is largely back in place.

The immediate stress has passed
into the comfort of what is now home again
as opposed to a giant, sawdust covered 
furniture graveyard.

Tonight my niece Caroline, 3.5
and nephew Charlie, 6.5
are spending the night.
We've had a fun evening with dinner,
playtime, tree decorating and cookie eating.

My husband is the KING
and decorates the home so nicely.
I love that about him,
especially because it is just not something I get into.

But I love to play the role of photographer
and capture the magic on the faces 
of the ones I love.


Melissa said...

Thanks goodness the floors are done! The tree is very pretty and the kids look like they had a great time!

Jen said...

Your tree looks so beautiful and so do the floors! Hooray!

Cindi said...

It looks like the kids had a great time!

CarolinaMomOf5 said...

Hallelujah! The floors are done!

Great pics, Leeann! Your neice and nephew look like they could be one of your own kids...especially Charlie. The resemblance to your kids is uncanny! And Kate looks like she really enjoyed having a little sister for the night!