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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Trade

Kids clean their rooms, the bathrooms and do the dusting.

Mom takes them to see High School Musical 3.

Sounds like a fair trade to me!


Baby watch, Rhode Island style: in progress!

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nicrogers said...

Hey Leeann, I keep vacillating between wanting a kindle and thinking maybe it is a waste of money for me. I love the idea of it but I borrow most of my books at the library. Also, I like to read in the bath or while floating in the pool. Which I am thinking may not be conducive to the whole kindle experience. lol I think an Ipod Touch is higher on my list of things that I want. Which you had last year right? I mainly want it because I will be able to access email through it without paying for data. Not sure if you can also send email??