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Friday, November 21, 2008

Girding Myself

This afternoon will be one of those times,
as a parent,
that I just DREAD.

One of those times that,
even as I reassure myself 
that these very roadblocks are the things 
that make my child resilient and able to deal with life,
I still go into it kicking and screaming.

Trey was invited to sleep over at his cousin Charlie's house.

He has been BESIDE HIMSELF since I told him.
For the last three days, he has been planning, anticipating, yearning.
"Is it today? How many more sleeps?" is what I have been greeted with
for the last few days.

This morning, I was awakened to a sound much like a blow dryer.
When I went downstairs to investigate, 
it was Trey doing his Friday chore:
vacuuming the kitchen and front hall,
just so he would have it already done and he could get to Charlie's house faster.

It's like Christmas Eve to him.

But guess what, kid? 
On this Christmas Eve, Santa ain't comin'.

Charlie's mom Cristina called me a few minutes ago.
Charlie was up during the night, throwing up.
Apparently he was just as upset as Trey will be,
because in between heaves he was reportedly asking
if Trey would still be able to come.

Bless his little heart. He is such a sweetie.

So, the sleepover will be rescheduled. 
These things happen but still, 
I literally dread seeing Trey's little face crumple
after school today
when I tell him he can't go to Charlie's tonight.

Sometimes being a kid is just plain hard.
Being a mommy who loves that kid is hard too.


Ginaagain said...

Oh no! Poor Trey and Charlie.

Jen said...

What a great friendship between the 2 boys. I'm sure Trey will be ok but it might hurt for a little bit. Kids are tough.

Kate said...

Poor Trey he came home crying!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh poor guys ... Won't they be excited when it finally happens !!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a bummer! Maybe if Chris doesn't mind, he could sleep in his bedroom on the floor in a sleeping bag.

Anonymous said...

SO sad!!! Love those pictures of the boys though. They really are adorable together. Hope the DC game helped a little! xo, Cristina

Natalie said...

Oh NO! I'm so sad for him! I hate it when I have to break bad news like that.