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Monday, October 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I am sorry I have been a crappy blogger lately.
I seem to be in a funk of what to write,
or I know what to write but I can't get to the computer
and then when I do I'm too tired.

This past week has been a rough one:
in sound bytes:

the floor/leaky dishwasher.

previous owners are morons and laid the hardwood OVER kitchen vinyl flooring.

hardwood now ripped up in kitchen and pantry.

giant fans and dehumidifiers still running in kitchen and basement.

my mom had to put her 15 year old dog down AND was in a minor car accident on the same day.

i flew to Atlanta to spend the weekend and bolster her up.

for obvious reasons over the past week, we won't be making our "debt free" cry this week but then again, all this happened and not only did we not need to use credit, but we didn't dip into savings either.

Thanks for all of you great big sweeties who continue to check in with us and make me smile with your comments. 
Those of you that tagged me, I promise to do it THIS WEEK.
And Natalie, thanks for giving me the big push to do my MPM every week. I love ya!

Here's my menu plan. For more great ideas, visit Laura at!

Monday- I flew in from Atlanta. We had KFC. We have no milk or basic items!

Tuesday- (from last week): roasted chicken in the crockpot, gravy, rice, carrots, fruit.

Wednesday- pasta with homemade sauce (use up last of ground beef in freezer), garlic rolls. Freeze remaining sauce for when I am gone.

Thursday- crock pot pulled bbq pork (last pork butt in freezer) on buns, freezer fries, jello (Freeze remaining bbq pulled pork for when I am gone.)

Friday- Chicken and cheese quesadillas and enchiladas. Trick or Treating! During this time, I will also make and freeze a Chicken Cheese casserole for Rob and the kids for when I am out of town.

Saturday- Apple Dutch Baby pancakes with breakfast meats.

Sunday- Don't know yet!!!


My brother and SIL's first baby is due October 31 and I am out of my mind with excitement. I get to go and be the helper when the baby is born so I am kind of prepping things food wise for a my week long departure to Rhode Island. I can seriously hardly stand it!!


And also, to give hope to you who come here looking for something new, I am once again going to challenge myself to post on this blog EVERY DAY IN NOVEMBER!! So please get behind me on cheer me on. It takes thirty days for get back in the habit and I would love your encouragement!!



Jen said...

Cheering you on! Sometimes a break is good. When it starts to feel like a chore you don't enjoy it as much.

Enjoy the new baby & the little baby noises!

melissa said...

Hey Leeann,
I hope your mom is doing better soon.
Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.
Ooh, I Halloween baby would be exciting, although then you might have to miss t-o-t. How about an election day baby?!

Sarah R said...

That was when I might have been born, too (Halloween) -- but my mom was crossing her legs and holding her breath because h*ll NO her first born child was not going to be born on Halloween!!! As soon as it rolled over to 12:01 AM November 1st, she relaxed...and I was born a week later (I was actually 2 weeks late). :)