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Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week is the great freezer clean-out.

Everything we are eating this week is from our freezer
and it will be mighty tasty too!

This is a good week to have a major savings on groceries
because we will be buying a new dishwasher.
Actually, I will be buying a scratch and dent dishwasher, I think.
I don't wanna pay new. lol

Yes, our dishwasher has died a slow death.
I say slow because it was generous enough 
to flood underneath our kitchen floor first.

A nice, simple flooding of the kitchen would have been too kind.

No, it was a progressive thing.

One day last week I am walking in the kitchen in my bare feet
and I notice the wood floor is kind of lightly wavy. 
Sort of.. warped.

I thought that was curious. 
I hadn't noticed it before, 
but maybe it was the humidity.
Or maybe it had been like that and I had just not noticed it.

A day or so later, I had Rob take off his shoes and walk across it.
Yep, it was definitely not right.
We discussed whether there had been any wetness or anything.
There had not. 
We were confused but like idiots, we dropped it.

The next day, I laid a towel in front of the dishwasher.
If it were leaking, I reasoned, then the towel would be damp.
The next morning, however, the towel was dry.

I was so puzzled!

A day or so later, Rob is in the basement when he starts yelling.
Yes indeed, the dishwasher has been flooding, UNDER the floor
and into the basement (which thank God is unfinished.

So, there's my little sob story about my dishwasher.
After I do this entry, I'll be calling our homeowner's insurance 
to have them come out and take a look at the floor.

Our (freezer) menu for the week is:

Monday: Meatball hoagies with marinara sauce and tater tots
Tuesday: Chicken teriyaki, rice, edamame
Wednesday: Tilapia, corn, green beans
Thursday: Bacon cheddarburgers, homemade sweet potato fries, fruit
Friday: crock pot roasted chicken, carrots, rice

For more great menu ideas, join Laura and the gang!


Jen said...

Sorry to hear about your dishwasher woes and the water problem. I hate leaks - seems like you never find them until the damage's been done. Hope you find a quiet dishwasher. Our's is so loud.

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

That totally stinks about your floor. I hope the damage isn't too great and insurance covers it. My thoughts and sympathies are with you until you get a new dishwasher. I think I've outlined pretty clearly how much I hate to handwash dishes - LOL!!

Hey, thanks for following Emily's blog. She'll be so excited when she sees that!

Ginaagain said...

Wow your menu is wonderful! And the fact that it's all in the freezer makes it even better! Sorry to hear about the dishwasher. I hope your floors get fixed quickly.

Anonymous said...

I hate when appliance malfunctions sneak up on you.

Great job on pulling your menu from the freezer. Love those money and time savers.

Anonymous said...

I hope this helps.

I have a friend who's wife is beyond frugal and can find the best sales anywhere.

She told me about buying major appliances [like dishwashers] at KMART. I KNOW! KMART. The bought a stainless steel fridge and stove for over half off of Lowes/Home Depot/Best Buy - and it wasn't scratch/dent - but still cheaper than a scratch/dent item.

If you have a KMART in your area I would look into it. I swear this isn't spam. I wish I needed new appliances just to get the

Hugs, Skippymom

Natalie said...

Good grief. Where are you? I'm taking your lead from last week and planning a week of freezer eating to see how small I can make our grocery bill this week!