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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chris is so Lucky

Every now and again,
an adult mentor comes into a child's life.

If he's lucky,
this adult will understand him,
affirm him,
encourage him
and lift him up to be his very best self.

My Chris is one of those lucky ones.

Chris is my middle child,
a pleaser, a perfectionist.
He is very hard on himself.

Enter Coach Tim.

Coach Tim is an amazing man.
He has strong Christian values
and a servant's heart.
He has served as a Commissioner for Chris's baseball organization
for years, even though his son's no longer play.
He does it because he loves the game and he loves the kids.

This is our third time to have Coach Tim
and each time, we breathe a deep sigh of relief
because we KNOW that it will be a good season for Chris.

I am sharing his email to Chris
as an example of an amazing mentor.

Hey Chris,

I want to thank you for having such a good game today.  You're pitching was solid.  And believe or not, I see improvements each time you go to the mound.  Your batting was just ok .... except for your MONSTER TRIPLE!!!!!  :-) That was awesome!   You certainly are one of our top fielders and I appreciate your work with the younger kids.  We have a lot of kids new to baseball, and your help with them is appreciated.  While the pro's don't have any left handed catchers, you did very well today and really helped your team.  And of course, you are a 1st baseman supreme.  I "EXPECT" that from you!

Thanks for being such a good kid.  I know you get disappointed when everything you do isn't perfect.  You know I like tennis. Roger Federer from Switzerland is amazing.  Now just think: he won the U.S. Open earlier this month, and he still made about 40 unforced errors in the championship.  An unforced error is a mistake.  But he still won the tournament, and $1.5 million.  Wow!!!   Listen to me ....... it's OK to make a mistake.  You are a very good baseball player.  Don't get down on yourself just because of one mistake.  Instead, let's you and I celebrate every SUCCESS you have out there.  And trust me, you have many more of those.  Keep that awesome smile of your's on regardless of what happens.  I KNOW that you always try your hardest.  That's just one of the many things that make you a great kid.  See you soon!

- Your Friend,
   Coach Tim

Thank you, Coach Tim! We love you!


Jen said...

What a great coach! Isn't it great to know that someone so admirable is inspiring your son? My husband coaches and he is so patient & encouraging with his players. You can tell his players like being around him. He makes me proud.

nicrogers said...

What a wonderful coach! Chris is very lucky to have him as his coach. It really does make the world of a difference when you get a good coach.

melissa said...

Chris is very fortunate to have someone so caring coaching his team. Maybe you as a parent should write Coach Tim a note letting him know how much you appreciate *him* (or at least point him toward your blog!)