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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shoeless for School


Oh, sorry.
I didn't see you there.

I was too busy

I am so FRUSTRATED trying to get shoes for my son Chris this year.

Did you know that boys' shoe sizes end at 6?
And that there are very few size 6 shoes in existence?

Even better, did you know that men's shoes start at size 8?
And that there are very few of those in existence as well?

And did you just so happen to FREAKING NOTICE
that, essentially, there are no shoes for my son, 
anywhere to be found?

What the hell do these shoe manufacturers think these boys are going
to wear for the period of time they are in this Neverland of shoe sizes?

And while we are at it....
What the hell is with Juniors clothing sizes? 
And how are they different than Misses? Or Ladies?

I miss the days of 3T and 6X. 


Ginaagain said...

I hope you love your dinner and that they didn't make a huge mess. My kids cook fairly often now but they are terrible about cleaning up.

Shoes. Ugh. The only explaination I have is that boys don't seem to stay in those sizes for very long.

nicrogers said...

First, what did they make for dinner? I only wish my kids would make dinner. Just once, that is all I ask.

Shoes, First, I can not believe Chris is in a size 6! OMG! lol Brooks is in size 2. Second, what kind of shoes are you looking for? I remember when Mikey was in that size being able to get him shoes, I think they were either Etnies or DC's from some skateboarding store for some astromical amount of money. But they fit. So thats a good thing. Even now though at 14 his foot only measures size 8. That is pretty small.

Melissa said...

I am wondering if mens 8 is the equivalent of boys 6. I know that girls 3 is the same as womens 5. Also, different manufacturers have different standards for sizes, so perhaps you will find a boys 5 1/2 or 5 works for him.

As far as Jrs/misses/womens, I think the jrs are a more slender cut (like teens are pretty straight w/o the noticeable hips) and womens are a more generous cut are "plus sizes".

Anonymous said...

Hey Leeann -- have you ever looked at have a million shoes in a bunch of sizes and free shipping...I get Charlie's school shoes on that site usually because he has to have all white tennis shoes and he has a wide foot. (like his daddy!) xo, Cristina