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Friday, July 25, 2008

Returning to Rob's 40th...

I've been meaning to share
a poem that Kate, age 13, wrote to her dad
in honor of his 40th birthday.

This is word for word, spelling included.

When you were born God smiled down
Praise the newborn babe!

From the first steps you took
to the first kid (yours truley) you  had
You learned and grew stronger.

You failed and succeeded 
All the while God smiled down
Praise the growing boy!

Then moving on the trails of teens
the dates, the rejections, the pressures.
Through out it all you became sure and true
Praise the troubled teen!

The move to college, the independent days
All a fast going blur (or maybe that was the drinking)
Then true love you met
and a family came to be

Praise the grown man!

In years to come God will say
Praise the old dirt!

Love, Kate


Ginaagain said...

LOL! I bet he treasures that.

Lanny said...

She's good! :D

nicrogers said...


Jody said...

Awww. That is so sweet. Most certainly something to cherish.