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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Forty Facts about my Husband

To commemorate my beloved's 40th birthday,
I am going to share 40 facts about Rob.

1. We have been together exactly half of his life.
2. He is smart. Really smart. Really, really smart.
3. As in, he got a perfect score on his LSATs kind of smart.
4. He chose to go to Law School at Vanderbilt so he could stay near me.
5. This was very sweet and romantic.
6. This made his parents mad.
7. Really, really mad.
8. His first dream was to be a writer.
9. He IS a writer.
10. He is goal oriented, unlike me.
11. He made goals to be reached by his 40th birthday.
12. I think he reached them.
13. He is the eldest of three brothers.
15. He is extremely family oriented.
16.  He most closely relates to my daughter.
17. It doesn't take a lot to keep him happy.
18. Sex or a good steak usually does the trick.
19. He loves to buy lunch.
20. He has learned to like, or at least tolerate, leftovers.
21. He can fall asleep quickly 
22. and stay asleep all night.
23. I'm envious.
24. He loves big dogs.
25. He likes to read science fiction and fantasy books.
26. We never read the same books.
27. We are somewhat of an "Odd Couple"- many key characteristics and personality traits are polar opposite.
28. But our key values and parenting approaches are very similar.
29. He is not the disciplinarian in the family.
30. But he always backs me up.
31. When I met him, he was an atheist, or agnostic.
32. I forget which one.
33. Now he is more involved in church than I am.
34. While I question everything.
35. He is now officially addicted to white noise machines.
36. He is everything a good father should be.
37. And more.
38. He supports me when I decide I want to take over our finances,
39. or work part time, or not.
40. He is the best husband ever.
Happy birthday, Hon! 
You just keep getting better!


Cindi said...

What a sweet tribute to an obviously wonderful man! Happy Birthday Rob!

Natalie said...

What a guy!! Happy Birthday, Rob!

And isn't it great that 18 seems to be true for all men? I guess unless they're vegetarians. . .

Richard Lewis said...

Rob, Happy Birthday, man. I really didn't need to know about the sex part, but I'm glad you make my sister happy. At least I think so.

On a serious note, the mark of a man is to be loved by his wife and his children, and you have that in spades. A happy 40th to you!

MOM said...

I'm a little late getting to your blog about Rob's birthday, but it was a fine tribute to him. A cute way of celebrating a 40th year. Clever blog, sweetie!
AND of course, Happy Birthday, Rob!!