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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Decision Made.... For Now

A great big 
shout out to you wonderful folks
who advised me
one way or another.

I really do appreciate your taking the time to do so.

I weighed each comment and thought,
did some research
and finally stopped dithering and took the plunge...

and the decision was....

A Macbook!

(applause or groans, your choice)

So, I am in the rather uncomfortable adjustment phase.

Truth is, I loved my old notebook
the way one loves their first car.
I was happy with it.
I wasn't jonesing for a new one.

I was content.
My fingers skipped easily over the keys.
I knew how to do everything.
I could find all my favorite places.

Now... not so much.

So, as the "new laptop" and I try to find our way together,
the IT guy at Rob's firm is taking a look at my old notebook.
He may be able to save some things from the old drive
and we are going to have him go ahead and put a new drive in.

Then, I'll have to decide if I want to keep this Macbook
or take it back and have my old trusty Dell for a while longer.

Or, will we keep the old Dell around as the lone PC in the house?

Either way, again, thank you all!
Tomorrow I leave with the two boys to Dutch Wonderland 
with their cousins.
A good time should be had by all!


Melissa said...

You can keep the pc around for the kids to use.

My thought on pc vs. Mac is: one you go Mac, you never go back!

I had some adjustment, too, when I switched over, but once you get the hang of it (it does get much easier), I guarantee you will be happy!

Lanny said...

I totally get it! My first laptop was a Dell, and while others hate Dell, I LOVED it. I still have it, just in case somebody can fix it.

Really though, you'll get used to the mac. It takes a little while, but it will happen. I really like mine now. The "new tab" is my friend!


Cindi said...

We used to have imacs at my school and they drove me crazy. I just never liked them, but to each his own. At home we've been through a Gateway, HP, and now another HP desktop. I've had a Dell notebook, and now an HP notebook. I've loved them all! However I found the Gateway (purchased in 1997) to be the most unreliable.

Congratulations on your new Macbook!

The Cubicle's Backporch said...

You can never have too many laptops! And I know what you mean about new computers... I feel the same way about getting a new cell phone. All of a sudden this button doesn't do what it used to and you have to figure out new shortcuts.

What color did you get? (Don't they come in different colors? Or not?)

Michelle said...

You'll LOVE it once you get used to it. I'd love a Mac.

Ginaagain said...

If you can fix the Dell you should definitely keep it around. An extra laptop is never a bad thing.