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Monday, June 2, 2008

Going to Help Dave!

As my regular readers know,
(all three of you wave, now. lol!)
Rob and I began following Dave Ramsey's
Total Money Makeover plan
on Feb.1 of this year.

Thus far we have paid off
all of our credit cards
(four, which we no longer use)
and brought our van balance down
from 17 thousand to 7 thousand.
My goal is to have that fully paid off
by the end of August-early September of this year.

I periodically haunt Dave's website
and a couple of months ago
I discovered that he would be appearing in Atlanta, GA
in September of this year.

Given that my mom lives in Atlanta
and I haven't actually flown there in a couple of years
(she usually visits here, to see the kids),
that seemed like a fine opportunity to go.

Also, my brother and I are working on helping my mom
develop better financial strategies, so hey,
we could go together!

Perusing the site further,
I discovered that you could offer to volunteer at the event.
If you were chosen, you could attend the show for free
in exchange for working prior and after the show,
plus during intermission.

Also, you would be given meals.

Sounded like a deal to me!!

So I emailed and asked to be notified when volunteers could apply.

Last week I received an application.
I filled out one for myself
and one for my mom.

Today, I received notice that I have been accepted!
:::doing the happy dance!:::

I am excited.
In exchange for manning the product tables
before, during and after the event,
I get to attend the event for free,
I will be fed two meals,
and I get a free gift (I chose Dave's budgeting software).

Thank you, Dave Ramsey,
for giving me this opportunity.
I am REALLY looking forward to seeing your show.

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Ginaagain said...

Now that is a cool way to save money! I am really in awe of how much you have accomplished. I need to get serious and start paying off some bills. Two years ago we didn't owe anything and now we are way deep in debt.