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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Bleh, bleh, bleh.

I am just ready for school to be over.

I am ready for school to be over,
baseball to be over,
End of school concerts, picnics, celebrations to be over.

I am ready to be lazy,
chill out,
be on Jamaica time, mon.

I want the big event of the day
to involve a pool and a frozen Margarita machine

and maybe shaving my legs.

And I said maybe,
because the pool is in my backyard.

So maybe I'll go all fuzzy and hairy-like.
The kids won't care.
That's why they get to live here.

So, I wait for the end of school.

Trey's teacher was saying he is getting more restless now
as the end of school comes.
His attention is dwindling.

She paused
and I snapped back to attention,
'What? Were you saying something? '

Is any one else like this?
Tell me you are!


nicrogers said...

I am like that! I am soo totally like that!

Melissa said...

Leeann, what took you so long?! I've been like this for about a month and we have until 11:45 next Tues. morning before it's all over (we would have been done yesterday had it not been for snow days!) No more schedules! No more homework! No more!

Chris said...

I am SO with you Leeann!! 11 more days for us(not counting weekends--the kids are in until June 23rd!

Have a great weekend.

Ginaagain said...

Yes, I am beyond ready! Although I am freaking out a bit because as soon as the kids get out of school we have the wedding and major family vacation. I'm looking forward to the end of July when I can finally relax.

Kelsey said...

Oh I totally agree! bring on June 18th!