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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Been Too Gone, For Too Long

I have had the hardest time
working up the energy to come blog this past week.

The last couple of weeks of school

I stand in wonder when I see families with multiple kids
engaging in large numbers of activities.
Chris' team was in the playoffs for baseball
and it nearly knocked our socks off!

It was VERY exciting, don't get me wrong.
But the frequent games were exhausting.

His team came in second place.

Yesterday was the day that summer really began for us.

It was the first day in WEEKS that I looked at my calendar
and a blank square looked back at me.


I got up around 9,
made the kids French Toast
and just hung out with them a bit.

Then, I offered them an incentive-
Get your chores done by noon
and we'll go see Kung Fu Panda.

They totally jumped on it;
they've been wanting to see that movie for weeks.

They did what they needed to do and we were all happy.
It was a cute movie too. I was surprised!

Then we ran a couple of quick errands,
finished just as a thunderstorm started,
came home and had dinner, topped off with
American Gladiators for all at 8.

A perfect first day of summer kind of day!


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

It does sound like the perfect day, Leeann. A lazy morning, a fun movie, getting stuff done, a rainstorm (oh, what I wouldn't give for rain!!!!), and mindless fun entertainment.

Can I come visit you?

Oh, and congrats to Chris!!!! Way to go!

nicrogers said...

Sounds like a great day Leeann. I have one of those blank calendar days coming up on June 23 and I can't wait! lol Crazy huh? One day in the whole freaking month. Oh but caitey will be packing to go to Creation at the end of the week so I am sure that blank day will have something on it. Running to the store for last minute sun block or something.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable picture of Chris and his coach! Padres did a great job this year. I'm so proud of them and Chris.
Love to all,

Natalie said...

Oh, the blank calendar square is a beautiful thing! I foresee Kung Fu Panda in our future. . .