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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Kate had her 13th birthday party today.
A Luau pool party.

After watching the weather reports for the past two weeks,
I was sweating bullets this weekend.
They were calling for showers and thunderstorms for today.

A pool party that becomes an indoor party
for a gaggle of teenage girls is not my idea of a good time. ;-)

So Kate and I went shopping yesterday for a backup plan.
We chose templates for those beads that you can iron to make designs,
thread to make friendship bracelets,
nailpolish to do manicures and pedicures with
and, a last ditch attempt at entertainment for a three hour party-
the Wii karaoke game of High School Musical 1 and 2.

However, the weather gods were smiling down on us
and the day dawned AND STAYED bright and sunny
all day long.

We all got up and prepared.
Rob did the decorating of the outside
and around the pool,

Kate cleaned the main level of the house,
the boys poop scooped,
and I prepared the food.

The girls arrived and they had a lot of fun.
They swam,

drank mock cocktails complete with whipped cream,

parasols and sword-speared fruit,

they ate and ate and ate.

They played games

and played with water balloons.

They had angel food cake with strawberries,
vanilla ice cream and whipped cream-
Kate's favorite cake choice.

Kate had a wonderful time and has really nice friends.

She thanked us afterward for "the best birthday party ever!"

You're so welcome, Kate.
We love you!


MOM said...

That looks like the cutest 13th birthday party ever! Loved the "mock" cocktails in the cutest glasses and the Luau plates..Great pictures of the girls and they look like they are having a ball....Colorful decorations and a beautiful day completed the perfect day for Kate and I'm so happy for her. She'll remember a wonderful 13th birthday party for "girls only"!!
Love you all,

onangelwings said...

Kate is so lucky to have a wonderful mom and it is awesome that she realizes this at such an early age. The girls look like they had a blast and I love the mock cocktails.

Lanny said...

What fun!!! :) Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. I still remember a friend's 13th birthday pool party like it was yesterday. And it was (give or take 22 years---when did that happen??). Anyway, sounds like Kate's party will have the same lasting impression on her friends that my friend's party had on me.

Natalie said...

I could totally go for one of those mock cocktails right NOW! And maybe it shouldn't be mock. . .

What a fun party!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

It looks like you gave Kate an amazing party!! How fun! I really liked the food you did and the mock cocktails - that's so creative of you. You and Rob really know how to entertain, whether it's adults, families, or teens. Katie will remember this forever, I'm sure.

Oh, and on the above post, I really liked the images you created of "night." Especially the nursing mother one.

dkuroiwa said... I do love a luau themed party!!! What a fun way to celebrate a birthday....or anything else you want to celebrate!!! Your pool is THE perfect place for a there a sign up sheet somewhere...I might want to use you!!! I'll bring the entertainment!!! :-)
Happy Birthday, young miss Katie....

Michelle said...

What a great party! Looks like they all had a great time. Great pictures too. :D