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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is a day for Mothers.

First, I wish a Happy Mother's Day
to my mother, Marsha
my stepmother, Joenne
and my mother-in-law Marlene.

I love all three of you very much!

a great big Happy Mother's Day to some of my best friends:
Melanie, Jennifer Mitchell, Debbie K,
Robin, Wallace, Alice, Shelli
Melissa, Jenn, Effy, Liz, Jo
and all my online friends
including Pam, Cindy, Suzie, Dawn, Lori, Ann
and all my October Mom's Loop.

Each and every one of you brighten my days
and give me so much joy, great advice, hugs and listening ears.


I had a SUPERB day today!
It started out with a fantastic breakfast in bed,
courtesy of my husband, Rob.
I had a made to order omelet, bacon and a donut!

The kids gave me sweet Mother's Day gifts
and Rob totally surprised me with tickets to a kitchen show
that includes Paula Deen!
Total shocker!

Then, around noon,
I grabbed my now 13 year old daughter and we went shopping.

We drove out to Steve and Barry's
and got her some new clothes
and then drove out to Gabriel Brothers
and got her a few more new clothes.
These are great places for inexpensive clothes.

After that, we went to go see Made of Honor
with Patrick Dempsey
and then we ate dinner at Cracker Barrel.

We picked up a treat for each of our "boys"
and then came on home around 9 PM.

It was a very, very good day!

I hope yours was great too.

What did you do?


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Aw, shucks! Thanks, Leeann! I totally love you too!

It does sound like you had a great day! Breakfast in bed and everything! Good on Rob. Particularly since you weren't throwing Nyquil at him, huh?? And Paula Deen!? Way to go, Rob. That boy knows what he's doing.

Emily would be so jealous that you got to go to Cracker Barrel. She's comiling a list of all the places she wants to go when we visit the States and that's a the top. Personally, I think she just likes the shopping aspect.

So glad you had a nice day!!

nicrogers said...

Hey Leeann, which Steve & Barry's did you go to? In Essex? Or is there one closer to you? And which Gabes? I bought Mikey about 9 pairs of cargo shorts and S&B about a month ago. Gottal love the price!