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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Note- two new posts following this one, so keep reading!!

Welcome to a new Menu Plan Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend
and is looking forward to a wonderful spring.

Our weekend was full of
the start of baseball season,
sidewalk chalk,
sleepovers and
birthday parties.

Life doesn't get better than this.

Our menu, from this past weekend forward:


Chicken fajitas, red beans and rice, fajita accompaniments.


Ham steak, biscuits, pineapple.


angel hair pasta with homemade meat sauce, applesauce


roast chicken in a crock pot with chicken gravy, rice, green beans.


Tortellini bake, breadsticks. (use leftover sauce)


Chicken cheese casserole, mixed veggies, yeast rolls (use leftover chicken)


English muffin pizzas, pineapple


Hard and soft Tacos or taco salad, yellow rice, peaches.

For more great menu ideas, join Laura at for the Menu Plan Monday carnival!


Alaina said...

Looks so good! We are having tacos, too!

Cajunchic said...

could you post the recipe for the chicken cheese casserole? that sounds really yummy.

Sandra said...

Yum, everything looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

Mine is up too


Natalie said...

When you do your roast chicken in the crock pot, do you get a crispy crust? Funny, but I'm doing chicken and noodles in the crockpot on Wednesday, but my fave thing is roast chicken. However, when I cook my chicken in the crock pot, the skin isn't something you'd want to eat. I know I shouldn't be eating the skin anyway, but I can't help it. . .

Any advice to the chicken challenged?

Melanie said...

yummy menu!!