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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Very Happy Day

The kids and I had such a nice day today.

It started out lovely for me
because it was President's Day
and I didn't wake up til nine.

Then, one of Trey's friend's called
and invited him for a playdate,
which I knew he would be THRILLED about.

So, after breakfast for the kids,
I started them on cleaning their rooms,
which they got done quite quickly,
and changing their sheets.
It is only recently I realized I could make them do this themselves.

Then, I whispered to the two older kids
that I was taking Trey to his playdate and stopping by the grocery store.
They were to start cleaning out his cubbies.
I didn't want to move Trey's birthday toys into his room
until we cleared out some old junk.

Kate called while I was at the grocery store
and told me to hurry up, they were already almost done.

Two bags of trash later,
I told the kids that the reward I had planned for them
was lunch and then going to the new pottery store.
They (K and C) could each choose a piece of pottery
and we would all sit together and paint.

We had such fun. It was just nice, companionable fun.
We didn't get our pieces finished before it was time to
pick up Trey, but that will only extend our fun time even more.

So, even though our Entertainment cash fund took a 50$ hit,
they worked hard on their chores and earned a nice treat.

Later, I made Pork fried rice and it came out really yummy.
This was my first time to try that dish.

Bonus: I only spent 90$ on groceries for our family for this week!

I love happy days like today!

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nicrogers said...

Sounds like a great day Leeann! I am really impressed with the $90.00 grocery bill. It seems that I go to Giant for a few things and it ends up costing me minimum $50.00. It is really starting to grate on me. The cost of food is absolutely ridiculous and my oldest son eats like two men! I truly do not know how families with more than 3 or 4 kids make ends meet.