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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun and Easy Breakfast and Menu Plan Monday

My kids like omelets.
They love them with bacon and sausage and lots of gooey cheese.
I like them with bacon, mushroom, tomato and cheese.
Rob likes them with bacon, sausage, onion, jalapeno and cheese.
Lots of ways to make them, all of them delicious.


Unless you are an octopus,
you are pretty much turning out an omelet at a time.
That means either four of the five of us eat cold omelets by the time the last one is done, or else each person eats when his is ready and there is no family breakfast.

With this recipe that my stepmom showed me this past week,
the problem is solved!

Omelets for a Group:

Using quart size freezer bags,
use a Sharpie pen to label each person's bag.
Fill a dutch oven pot half full with water and set it on high temp until it reaches a rolling boil.
Meanwhile, let each person put two eggs into their freezer bag and squish them up with their hands.
Each person should then add whatever other ingredients to their omelets that they want (note- meat should be precooked).
When the water is at a rolling boil, put each bag in the water and set the timer for 13 minutes.
The bags will puff up with air- that's okay.
At the end of 13 minutes, remove the bags. The omelets will roll right out and you have a hot breakfast for everyone at the same time!


Monday: pork fried rice, applesauce
Tuesday: scrambled eggs with cheese, strawberries, biscuits
Wednesday: chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese
Thursday: IKEA Meal- Swedish meatballs with cream gravy, egg noodles, lingonberries.
Friday: Fast Ham and Noodles, peas, fruit.
Saturday: Leftovers or Make your Own

For more great menus, visit Laura at!



Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

This is a great idea! We aren't big egg eaters, but it would be great for when you have company or a sleepover.

Smart tip! You should have saved this for works for me wednesday, girl!

Michelle said...

i love omlets this way.who would've thought it would work so well?? have a great week .

PlanningQueen said...

We have the same issue (cold omlettes) in our house. I will have to give them a try this way, I think my kids will love the bag idea.

Bonnie said...

I looooooooooove IKEA meatballs !!!

Wifey said...

That's a great idea! I'll have to try that this weekend for breakfast. Have a great week!

Ashley said...

I saw this on Paula Deen's show and thought it was a really neat idea. I've been wanting to try it but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder! I may do that one night next week...

Natalie said...

What do you do with the lignonberries? (Probably spelled that wrong) Where do you get them? I'm intrigued!

dkuroiwa said...

Love the "omelette in a bag" boys think it's a great treat to make their own...and really it's a treat for me 'cause I do very little in the whole process!!!
And, I'm sorry, but...what the heck are lingonberries?!?!?! :-D