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Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Great Little Product!

Happy Thursday!

We are getting snow here today
and gosh, is it pretty.
It is much easier to appreciate
after such a warm winter!

The kids have no school tomorrow
so I'm sure we'll be out on the sledding hills.

What is better than a hot cup of cocoa
after a day of sledding and snow?

It is like a mandatory winter association!

I have a great little device for those hot cocoa days!
It is called the Cocoa Latte Hot Drink Maker by Back to Basics.

Normally I wouldn't buy something like this.
I mean, really, how hard is it to make hot cocoa?
But just before Christmas I was at the check out of a kitchen store
and I was listening to the two women behind me RAVING
about this little machine and how great it is
and how their kids just love it.

Finally, my curiosity got the best of me
and I asked them about the product.

They showed it to me,
described how it works
and then told me that not only was it half off
but they also had a 10% off coupon..
this brought the item down to around $13.00...
and I was sold!

(photo courtesy of

I gave it to Kate for her Christmas eve present
(the boys got robes)
and we have been using it regularly ever since.

It is so easy and best of all,
it blends and keeps the cocoa hot
after the initial making of the cocoa!
So you can put the ingredients in,
go out and sled,
and then come back in to hot, milky, creamy, frothy hot cocoa.

BTW, this is not a pay per post.
I get nothing for this.
This is just a "Leeann recommends!"


Natalie said...

We've have a Back to Basics Cocoa Latte machine for 4 years! Freaky!!!!! It gets used at least twice a week in cold weather! YUM!

Ginaagain said...

I need to check that out. My kids make cocoa every day. They would love it.

Melissa said...

Well, you were right about the Margarita maker, so I'll trust you on this one, too. Bryan loves hot cocoa and has it just about every morning. I like that you can put the ingredients in and come back to hot cocoa. We might have to try it!

Richard Lewis said...

My recipe: Always add alcohol.

Anonymous said...

So I just ordered this from Amazon -- annoyed to be paying 33. instead of 13. but I actually think making cocoa is sort of a pain (making sure the milk doesn't scorch, etc.) and this looks great! Maybe I will suddenly turn into the nice mom who bakes fresh cookies and serves her children cocoa and cookies every afternoon for an afternoon snack in the winter...but probably not! xox, Cristina