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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snowy Wednesday

I had one of my favorite
winter experiences today.

We are having a first snowfall of the season.

Not a heavy one but even so,
it is the cause of excitement every year.

First I woke up Chris.

He was sound asleep in his bed
at 7:30 this morning.
I got his clothes out of the closet
and dressed him while he was still in his warm bed.

Then I whispered in his ear
"Go look out the window."

He went to the window
and his eyes widened
and a smile came to his lips

"It's snowing"
he whispered
as he gazed out his window.

He stood there for a full moment or two
just smiling quietly to himself.

I then went to Trey's room
got his clothes out
and dressed him in his warm bed.

Then I led him to his window
and watched his eyes widen
and the smile play across his lips
as he too stood at his window
mesmerized by the flakes
slowly drifting down from the sky
to the deck below.

There is something about that
quiet joy
and wonder
that makes my heart sing
every winter.


nicrogers said...

Great fun Leeann! Of course, for people like me who hate snow, not so much fun. But I get that you loveit and I know that the kids do. Mine were through the roof excited because they got out early today.

Leeann said...

Pretty awesome that they got a half day, Nic. We didn't and it was getting dark by the time we got out to go sledding so we only got about a half hour in.
How much did you get? We got probably around 4 inches.


Anonymous said...

The first snowfall really IS beautiful. So pristine and white. A soft, white wonderland seen through the eyes of children and those of us who love the first snow. All those beautiful flakes floating down to our house and make calming white world for joy and play.
What did Katie say about it? I liked the way you introduced the boys to their first snow of the season. Sweet.
Love you,

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Awww, see this is what my kids are missing!! They've only seen snow the time we went to Colorado and it wasn't enough to really have fun with. But this is such a sweet post. And I love the cookie post too. And hey!! I love the Chipmunks! I just bought their cd this year. LOL! My kids have been giving it MAJOR airplay though.