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Friday, December 7, 2007

Meant for Snow

Our children
and our dog
are meant for snow.

Gracie, or "the Sherpa"
as she is fondly called on here,
is a Bernese Mountain Dog.
The breed originated in Switzerland (Bern)
and pulled the milk carts for milk delivery
in the mountains of Switzerland.

Long story short...
this dog was meant for snow!

Our boys are meant for snow too.
Especially when it comes to sledding!
They had a blast the other day.

Today we made sugar cookies,
cut them out,
painted them and baked them.
I'll post some pictures of that soon!

What winter memories have you all been making?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Wait for me!! I want to make cookies too!!! lol
Love the boys hair a little bit longer..They look so cute! Looks as though they had a ball sledding in the snow.

Ginaagain said...

so cute! Your Gracie looks a lot calmer about the snow than mine was.