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Friday, December 28, 2007

Post Christmas Review on Christmas Merriment-- and an upcoming contest announcement!

Merry post-Christmas, dear friends!

I hope you had a really wonderful
Christmas with your families.

We had a super fun, laid back
time-to-ourselves and time-with-family

I'll let the photos tell the story:

The requisite "sit on the stairs and smile torture shot." The kids were told no Santa before 8AM. They woke Trey up at 8 on the dot and he was royally pissed. lol

Closing their eyes for the unveiling of the new computer/study area in the living room. Rob and I had a bet. I said that the kids would run down the stairs, hang a fast U-ey and never look into the living room. He said they would notice the new computer for sure. Guess who was right. Yep!

I love this picture of Trey. Even though he is six today (Happy Birthday, Trey!), he still does that "little kid squat" that makes me smile. When I try to do that, I fall over. And then I cry.

Checking out the Spiderwick Chronicles together. Chris is going to read the series in preparation for the movie.

See this? This is my very cool gift for my husband. The other gift I got him was a less-than-exciting memory foam pillow.

And now, see this? This is what I have seen every spare moment since Christmas. He lives and breathes Guitar Hero. I have taken to holing up in my room to avoid guitar licks raging at all hours. I have lost my man to Guitar Hero.

Kate is way into Pandas right now, so she was thrilled to get this Panda bear to add to her collection. She is wearing the pajamas that Grammie and Grampie got her for Christmas. Very cute!

Soon it was time to head over to Mike and Cristina's for Christmas dinner. Cristina's mom and stepfather were there and Cristina's mom made the most fabulous homemade spaghetti noodles ever! There were lots of people there, which equals lots of chaos and lots of fun. Thank you, Cristina, for hosting us all on the actual holiday. I know it wasn't easy.

Beth and Johnny, aka the Muppet, opening his Christmas present.

The three brothers, frat boys all. When they are together, they usually act like it!
All things considered, Christmas was a rather sedate affair. I don't recall any wrestling or surprise attacks.

Is this the cutest picture ever? You know it is. Look how sweet these girls are in their matching outfits. I initially didn't like them but my SIL's were spot-on...they are very cute!

So that is my basic holiday rundown. Stay posted over the next week because it is a biggie. Trey's birthday is today so there will be pictures from that, but more importantly to most of you, we are hitting the New Year...and some BIG MILESTONES!

I will have been blogging one full year come January. My hit counter is rapidly approaching 10,000 hits. So, the stars are aligning for a contest, complete with a prize!

Stay tuned, more info coming in the next week!


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

First off, great pictures! But more imporantly, I loved, LOVED, the comment about squatting - how you fall over. and then you cry. Too funny!!! Glad you all had a nice Christmas and maybe the girls and I should send you some flowers in sympathy of your recent widowhood - to Guitar Hero. Don't they have headphones or something so you don't have to hear it?!?!?

Melissa said...

Leeann, you've got to try Guitar Hero yourself! I got booed off the stage the first time, but now I manage to finish my songs (easy level). My daughter is the major rocker in our house, though. Finishes all songs w/about 99% accuracy.

Leeann said...


I don't think they have a headphone jack but I really should look. You may be on to something there!

Melissa, Colleen sounds like the bomb at Guitar Hero! Rob is already at the medium level. I'm on the second measly song at the easiest level. I get frustrated and go read. lol

I am such a quitter.


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures--all of them. The girls look adorable in those dresses! What is guitar hero? Is it something you have to learn by watching tv, or what? I MISS being there!
Happy Birthday, Trey!!

Sandy Carlson said...

What a beautiful day your family had! May you have a blessed new year, too.

Thanks for visiting me and offering your perspective on Water Horse.

SKrohnPiano said...

Hi Leeann and family! We missed you at our Christmas gathering this year. I hope Kate is finally able to shake the staph. Next year we're hosting Christmas here in VT - you're welcome to come if you want to "get away from it all" and come and go skiing. We have a couple of feet of snow right now. Take care - Love, Sara

Jody said...

Looks like Christmas was just lovely for you all!

I love the pic of your hubby with Guitar Hero....I have lost my man to a boat, so I am right with ya!