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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There Was An Old Lady....

There was an old lady
who lived in a shoe...

or was she?

Maybe she was like most mothers
who are busy, overworked and overstressed.

Maybe she wasn't old at all.

Maybe she was like, say, 38.
Thirty eight and a half.

And she had three children.

And she took care of a four month old
three days a week.

Still, is that any reason why


Holy hell, people,
cut me , er this poor woman,
some slack!

I get the message!!

(in your sympathy,
please go mark your location on my
visitor map, top right corner.
Just pity me, okay?)


nicrogers said...

I'm telling you Leeann, a little makeup goes a long way! :::::Nic, running for cover::::::!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

ROFL!!!!!! That is hysterical!!! But only because it didn't happen to me. Hey, one time a woman asked me if I was pregnant. Now that was pretty bad too. I'm with your friend Nic. slap on some makeup, stick an iPod in your ears, and chew some gum. You'll look just like you are 16!!

Ginaagain said...

That sucks Leeann. It's happened to me too.. except she asked if Delaney was my granddaughter! Holy crap.. I was only 33 when she was born!

Anonymous said...

Just ignore the idiots who obviously didn't look at your picture or are deranged! But don't forget, grandmothers ARE looking younger these days lol. That is still no excuse...Slap on some make-up and show those idiots how GREAT you can look!
Love you,

Melissa said...

Grandparents *are* getting younger and younger (Hey, there, Cindy!) But people who say stuff like this are right up there with those who ask when you're due and have no idea if you are pregnant or not. Look 'em right in the eye, and say, "no". As far as the make up goes, wear it if it makes you feel good, but wear it for you and not anyone else.

Cindy said...

Oh Leeann, I don't know whether to laugh, or cry! Whoever these "freaking ass" people are, I'm sure the comments were in response to their observance of the AWESOME way you are with the baby and kids in general - and them wondering how someone at your age (knowing you aren't "old") can have it so together!! Next time, just say "No, but thank you!"

Suzette said...

Thanks for the laugh, Leeann. But THREE???? wow,That hurts.

I have to agree with Cindy. You were probably so calm with the little one that people thought you might be a grandma, rather than a stressed out hyper-vigilant mom. New moms are sooooo---well, let's just say they are identifiable in their newness. Its not just an age thing. someone probably saw you give a pacifier without sterilizing it first....:)

P.S. You would just look silly with more makeup. how to improve on that rosy complexion? I don't think so!! But I agree, chew some gum, wear an ipod, maybe pretend to text on your phone. that might help. :)