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Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's that time of year

It is just dawning on me
that it is the time of year
to do the shopping,
meal preparing,
Christmas pictures,
Christmas cards etc.

I was slow on the uptake this year
but the cold weather and
the getting pitch black dark
by five PM gave me a clue.

So far I have bought a gift for Trey
and am deciding how to plan the study
for the kids.

What kind of computer do I get them?
A Mac? A PC?
What kind of storage and shelving to buy?
How to configure the space?

Decisions, decisions....

Any and all input welcome!


Ginaagain said...

I refuse to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving!!!

As far as the computer goes.. I think you should get them a computer that you understand because you are going to be the one who is constantly asked to fix it.

bmg said...

Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac!!!