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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nearly Baby Time

Man, I was just looking over
my blog and I have been darn lazy this month.
Only six posts in all of October.

Sorry about that, dear readers,
if you are still out there! lol

In less than a week,
my life takes a turn for the busier
as I start keeping my friend Jen's son
Michael three days a week.

He is three and a half months old
and just as good as gold.
He is a placid little fellow
at least thus far
and seldom cries...
he'll give a good 20 minutes
of "" sounds before he lets loose.

Sounds good to me! lol

So I now have bottles and baby formula
and little footed sleepers taking up
residence in my house.
So cute.

Other than that, things are just
moving along.
I've had trouble getting back in the swing
of things after Disney, it seems.
but I'll try to get back to posting more regularly.

I'd hate to lose the faithful! :-)

Big hugs!

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