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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Insurance Companies

Why is it that insurance companies
are such a pain in the ass?

I went to my Dr. today
about some gastrointestinal problems
I've been having.
She ordered an abdominal ultrasound
and a HIDA scan for me.

So, I get in the car and call the radiology place
for an appointment.
Sorry, I am told, you need preauthorization
from your insurance company for the HIDA scan.
Call your Dr. and let her know.

Okay, no problem.
Called the Dr.'s office and let them know
what was going on.
I get a call back shortly.
No, no preauthorization is needed.
They kindly offer to fax this over to the radiology
office and I agree.

Next, I go to fill my prescription
for something called Protonix.
Hopefully this will settle down some of my symptoms.
Take the script to CVS and nope, they can't fill it,
insurance won't cover it.

Well, how much is it? I ask.
If it isn't much, I will just pony it up.

Two hundred and blah, blah , blah...
I know the woman is still talking but I can't hear a thing
because I think I am in shock.

So, the pharmacist says she will call my doctor
and see what is suggested.
She also recommended that I go to the Dr's office
and get some free samples, if they have them.

Sorry lady, I've got kids to go home to,
an alto sax to rent for middle boy
and dinner to prep and serve.
Baths to give, kids to tuck in.

I guess I'll just have to wait
but I hope the insurance asshats sleep well tonight.


Gina said...

How nice of them to add some stress to your day.... They obviously don't want to waste your time and money treating the current stomach problem when it's so much more efficient to skip straight to the bleeding ulcer.

Melissa said...

Leeann, I've been having the same thoughts as you this week! My allergy medicine, Allegra, is the only kind I have found that actually works. Of course, my insurance company thinks I should use Claritin, b/c that is OTC and obviously, they don't have to pay a penny if I use it. Never mind that it is a completely different drug and IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME! Anyone with allergies knows you have to find what works and use it! Also, the eye drops for my daughter, who needed them to deal with her allergies cost $50 for a a 5ml bottle...that's a teaspoon if you were wondering. And that's WITH insurance!
Hope you are feeling better, Leeann!

Lanny said...

Yuck! I hope they straighten everything out soon!

About meds---you can have your doctor write a letter stating that you've tried other meds, and this is the one that works for you. Many times they'll cover it then. If you haven't tried others yet, they'll probably make you do that first, but it's worth a try.

Splaneyo said...

So sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hopefully you will have time to go another round next week.