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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ahhhhhh!/ Works For Me Wednesday

The early morning is rapidly becoming
my favorite time of day.

I got up this morning
at 6:40.

Kid one is out the door,
fed and happy,
at 7:25.

I get kids 2 and 3
up at 7:30
and they are fed,
happy and out the door
by 8:15.

Then, I take a breath
and check over the headlines
in my "baby paper"-
USA Today.
We get it every day delivered
and I love it.
Nice little bite sized pieces of news.

Then, I check out the county section
of the local paper.

I get a load of laundry in
and get dinner prep started
(tonight's dinner is in the crockpot already!)

Now, I get to sit back and relax for a bit,
and enjoy having the house all to myself.

Love it!

And now, it's

I had to really think on this- I guess I am not that brand loyal!

But here's a few things I always buy or use:

Love, love, love my TIVO.

I would marry it and have its little TIVOlets if I could.
It has literally changed the way we watch television.
What you want to see is always on,
it is user friendly and intuitive
and you never miss a show when you use a season pass.

Paper products at BJs- in particular, Charmin Ultra and Bounty Ultra.
Both inexpensive versions of a good, solid brand.
The only paper towel that is worth buying is Bounty.

Scent free products-
My daughter has eczema, so we have to be very careful
what detergents we use.
I like All Free and Clear the best for laundry
and I use Bounce scent free dryer sheets.
Once I got used to having scent free clothes,
I find myself driven nuts by scented laundry.
It is completely overwhelming to me
plus, I can't smell my children!

Adolph's Meat Loaf mix
- nothing else so far has even come close.

That's it!


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Aha! There's the difference between us, Leeann. I absolutely do NOT want to smell my children. Usually they are either sweaty or chlorine-y. Ick!

And I remember you are the first one to turn me on to TIVO when you were in Miami. Love the line about having TIVOlets!! You are too funny!

Melissa said...

I'm asking for TIVO for Christmas!
I am totally addicted to Viva paper towels. I used to use Bounty, but once I used Viva, I never looked back! I wait for sales at Target and can get some good deals.
One thing I hate, double roll toilet paper! Now at Target (where obviously I buy my paper products...LOL) they only have double roll of the kind I used to buy (Northern). Since I am not going elsewhere just for t.p., I have now started buying Angel Soft, which I admit is pretty soft. A man must have invented double roll since they either don't know how or just are too lazy to change the roll (under the guise of, "I never use it!")
I know, too much information!

oh amanda said...

LOL! I totally said the EXACT same thing on my WFMW post about TIVO! I will NEVER EVER watch TV without TIVO. I'd rather have a TIVO than a TV! ;)

Anonymous said...

I sooo agree with you on the TiVo! I almost put it on my list!

Splaneyo said...

I love my Tivo too. We need another one though because Spencer has learned to operate it and records all sort of things like the weather on the Weather Channel. Great!

Olive said...

I too lOVE my TIVO! It's such a fun intention and makes tv mwatching quicker and more enjoyable.

I wanted to comment about your laundry, though. I use this: It's all natural laaundry detergent and it's wonderful! The woman who started it did so b/c her husband has excema and she wanted some to better treat it.

Also, I'd recommend never using softener (sheets or liquid) they're actually bad for clothes (and REALLY bad for towels). Do you use dryer balls? You can get them anywhere,a dna nice, natural soap like Nellie's, at any Whole Foods/natural foods.

I stopped using softener when I found out what was in it and am SO glad I stopped. My clothes are much better now b/c of it. I also have sensitve skin and Nellie's has been a blessing.