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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Mama told me
there'd be days like this....

Good thing is,
she also showed me
how to laugh about it
when a day like that happens!


Melissa said...

Okay, what in the world happened, Leeann?!

Splaneyo said...

I would love to know too! Just think how clean your stove must be now.

Leeann said...

My dear, beloved Visions spaghetti pot died, after nearly 15 years of service. Unfortunately, it's last gasp was to split in half, literally, like the parting of the waters. Spaghetti sauce went EVERYWHERE! The picture you see is after I scooped up enough to fill that red bowl up with sauce from the top of the stovetop!

Lanny said...

Laugh or cry, right? Glad you could laugh! That happened to my mom once. When it broke, the glass baking dish jumped off the stove and the bottom landed on her floor. She started cleaning up and noticed smoke and a horrible stench coming from the middle of her floor. It burned the floor!