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Friday, August 3, 2007

Like a Sauna

Two posts in one day,

this one just
a quick whine...

it is

We have our A/C on
at our usual night-time temp
and every one of our windows
is covered in condensation.

You can't even see outside.

Walking outside is like
hitting a wall.

Good thing tomorrow's party
is a pool party
because the temp, adjusted to RealFeel,
will be a minimum of 100*.

My Margarita Maker
will be working overtime!

1 comment:

Splaneyo said...

I have to admit was a little jealous when I heard how many bedrooms you had. Then I saw the pool and thought how nice that would be, but now you tell me you have a margarita maker? Now I am a lot jealous! You guys sound like such a fun family. Have a fun party!