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Saturday, June 2, 2007

I have a new toy.

Each year, we add something to our "pool house"
which is really just a shed with electric and plumbing.

We have many pool parties in the summer
so we like to choose something
that other people visiting will enjoy.

Of course, it helps if I enjoy it too!

Cue the music of the Holy Grail

and meet the newest member of our pool club:

It shaves ice;
it blends perfect frozen concoctions.

I can also use it to make snowcones and smoothies for the kids.

Life is good, baby.



Anonymous said...

Details, I need details! What's the brand, where did you get it and how much is it? This looks like something I would like!

mom said...

Well, with that you probably don't care whether or not you EVER have air conditioning!! Sounds like something everyone will enjoy.. Keep it out till Oct. so I'll have a chance to enjoy it too! LOL
Have fun.

Jody said...

Oh man!! What time are is happy hour?????

What a machine!

I told Bill that I want one of those machines that they have in bars that they pull the margaritas out of.

Gorgeous pool!