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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Beautiful Tribute

There is a family I have been following online
for a long time now.

I first found out about them through a link
from another family on Caringbridge

Caringbridge is an amazing website
that allows families to share their stories
when they have a member battling cancer
or some other disease.

Through the website
you can offer comments of support
and prayers
and help a family (or a few) not feel so alone
during a very difficult and lonely time.

Anyway, I "met" Kendrie and her family
on Caringbridge several years ago.
Kendrie was battling cancer
and is doing beautifully now.

Kendrie's father has also been battling cancer
and his body has been ravaged from the disease
and treatments of the disease
for a long time.
Yet this family remains strong,
hopeful and always funny
and inspiring.

Kristie posted a tribute to her husband
on their 20th anniversary today (5/30/2007)
that I guarantee will make you laugh
and tear up as well.

I'm linking the page
(if I can figure it out)
so that you all can see
what a beautiful couple and family they are.

Thanks for sharing your life with us
and making us laugh, every day.

PS- I can't figure it out.
But, here is Kristie's blog.
Check it out!


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