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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Really nice day today.

We got some housework done
and then Rob and I met a couple
for dinner and to see an Allison Krauss concert.

It is such a pleasure to go out when it is people
that you both know and you both like.

We had a great time
and the concert was really, really good.


So today Trey comes wandering in
and I am on my bed, reading.

He wants to know if he can do my hair.

He asks this occasionally
and since I love having my hair brushed,
I always say yes!

He goes in the bathroom
and bangs around.
Shortly thereafter, he appears.
He has a brush,
a half a Dixie cup of water
and a ponytail holder.

He disappears again
and returns with a Kleenex box.

I am pretty intrigued at this point.

I assume that at the very least,
he is going to wet my head with the water
and then maybe attempt to dry it with the tissues.

As he gets settled behind me,
he informs me that the water is my tea.

Okay, good idea
but I still don't get the whole tissue thing, then.

He brushes out my hair
and I start to relax when, abruptly,
the hair brushing stops.

There's a pause
and then his deepish little voice chirps:

"Would you like highlights?"


How does my five year old son know about highlights?

I stammer, assuming I misheard.

"Would you like some HIGHlights?" he repeats.

"Um, yeah, sure!" I reply.
I am just stymied.

From behind me,
I hear a steady


and then the lightest touches on my hair.

Soon, I was done.

Homemade Hightlights!

I love kids.


Lanny said...

Love the highlights! Aren't kiddos wonderful! Did you give him a tip for his wonderful work? :)

Lori @ The Simple Life at Home said...

This is such an adorable story!! You look gorgeous, by the way. Perhaps I could make an appointment?

Splaneyo said...

Ahh to see things through their eyes. I love those little glimpses.

He is such a character and you are so brave - I wouldhave been scared he might have had scissors in his back pocket.

Very cute.