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Thursday, August 9, 2007

All Made Up

Thank God,
I have a man who knows me
and loves me
and not only that
but he hears me too.

After my freak out last night,
I ended up waking him up
around 11:30ish last night.

I apologized for venting at him
at such a late hour and with no fair forewarning.

We really, really try not to go to bed mad.

Tonight when I came home
from taking the boys to the County Fair
(a ten year tradition for us)
there were flowers and a card waiting for me.

The card said:

From the very sleepy jerk
who doesn't appreciate you enough!
I love you, sweetie,
and in case I forgot to say it often enough
you are an incredible wife
and an awesome Mom,
and the kids and I are lucky to have you.

All my love,

Like I said,
I am a very lucky girl!

Thank you to those who commented
or emailed me with support
and friendship.

I appreciate it muchly!

Here's a few pictures of the fair from today:

Playing in the corn

Such adoration is Chris's cross to bear. lol

The first year Trey is tall enough to ride the Hang Gliders!

Chris wants to volunteer to be an animal helper next year.


The other me said...

I LOVED going to LA state fair every year....great pictures. I love that hugging one, Seth gives that same look when ELi is loving him to within an inch of his life!

Splaneyo said...

What a sweet guy you have! Your other guys look very sweet too. Have a great weekend.

Lori @ The Simple Life at Home said...

Good for Rob! And I love the picture of Chris and Trey. How cute!