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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week Two of Camp

The kids are starting
their second week of
day camp tomorrow.

So far I have been so pleased.

I had really reached my limit last summer
of subpar day camps.

I mean, none of them are cheap.

When you are paying for camp,
you should expect that your child
is safe,
having fun
and doing a variety of activities.

Last year I pulled them out
of a camp by the second day
and lost deposit money so that
they would be in a safe environment.

This year, by George, I think we
have actually found one that meets
all those requirements!

The kids have been horseback riding,
fishing, learning swim strokes,
Kate has been rock climbing etc.

All good summer fun.

Here's a couple of pics of the kids
heading off to their first day of camp
last week:

Kate, continuing to grow by leaps and bounds
Rob and Trey

me and my boys!

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Splaneyo said...

What a nice family! We aren't doing the camp thing this year - we did them last year and we spent more time driving all over town than Spencer actually spent at the camp. Like you said, they aren't cheap. We are spending a ridiculous amount of money to send Owen to a "dooraft"/giraffe camp at the Toledo zoo because he loves them so. He will probably hate it because we think it is something he might like. That seems to be the way it works with our kids. What can you do? Have a good day.