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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Small Confession

I have a good friend
who is leaving tomorrow
on a trip.
They are going to the Gatlinburg area,
and Savannah,
among other places.

They may be moving to the
Knoxville area within a year.

I have to admit
after more than ten years
I kind of miss the more Southern states.

I don't miss the heat and humidity,
the lack of snow,
the bugs and mosquitos
and horror of horrors

but I do miss the good food
the friendliness
the Southern hospitality.

I'll have some fried okra
with that confession, please!


Splaneyo said...

First, do you sleep? Second, you give me way too much credit, but I'll take it - thanks. I want to put you in my link list next to the great Pioneer Woman, but wanted to check because some people would like to remain a bit anonymous in blog land.
My husband and I were joking about the fireworks tent guy being in between county fairs. My husband called this morning and said “whatever you do, don’t drive past the high school – the fair is in town!” Not that I don’t enjoy a corn dog as much as the next girl, but there can be some mighty unsavory characters and my kids aren’t old enough for “The Speech” yet. Have a good day.


Splaneyo said...

Do you have a place that you can reccomend to stay while there?