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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July
came in with a bang...
and lot of thunder
and lightning too!

The rain started about three hours
earlier than we expected...
hence, it started sprinkling
as folks arrived for our pool party
at 3:30...
and by 4,
the pool party had moved inside!

Fortunately, between lots
(And LOTS) of good food,
drink and some fun loving people,
it was a good time. :-)

Kids ran around and played
down in the basement and
upstairs in the bedrooms
and in between.

"Grown ups" chatted,
commandeered the Nintendo Wii
and ate.
And Ate.

And watched the rain pour
in torrents off and on.

We did get a break in the weather
long enough to go out
and do some small fireworks.

Here's some pics and
Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Scott the Blues playin' man, with Sean and Cole

Chris and his cousin Charlie

BIL Mike, SIL Cristina and little Caroline,
just turned two and cute as a button.

Boys watching fireworks...
does it get any cuter than this?

Bring them frosting
and they will come...

Happy Fourth of July!!

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Splaneyo said...

Sounds like fun! I am all about the good food and, oh yeah, family too.

Wanted to know if it is okay to link to your blog. Thought it would be easier than going though the comments. Plus, I think everyone should see how amazingly funny you are. What do you think?