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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

So Tired

I am so tired tonight.

I am the teary,
my bones are aching,
I could sleep and never get up
but I am too freaking wired to sleep
kind of tired.

This is Rob's trial month.
He's here but he's not.
In other words,
he leaves before I get up
and he is home either after I'm asleep
or at least I have lost all ability to have
a conversation.
Unless the world is burning down,
I don't care.

When I experience this,
each and every time,
I tip my hat and pay my respects
to the single parents
the military families,
who takes care of their kids
day after day without a break.

It is draining and exhausting
and I at least have the benefit of
knowing it is temporary
and exactly when it will end.

So hats off to you
who work so hard
to take care of your kids
on your own.

You rock.

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