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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Trey Funny

I was in the van today with Trey
and being the lazy ass mommy that I am
I was getting ready to start the DVD player.

So I turn it on
and a few seconds later I hear his little voice
say "Does that say L-OH-D?"

"Yes," I said, after taking a moment to figure out what he was talking about.
"It says Loading."

"That's bad!" said Trey, after a pause.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you aren't supposed to hate" he replied.

At this point I am
utterly stymied
and wondering if we are speaking the same language
or if he has become a little Martian child or what.

A few long seconds pass while I continue to try to figure out
what he means.

Then, suddenly, it hit me!

"Trey, do you mean LOATHING?"

"Yes!" he chirps, and he breaks into the song "Popular"
from the musical WICKED:

Unadulterated loathing....

What a little rascal we have! You can just never tell what he is thinking
or what he will say next. :-)

Sorry for the long delay in posting
but my internet was out for nearly a week.
Something about the router.
I don't care what the problem was, I am just glad to be back online!

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